JLF Virtual Festival Features Taggbox Social Wall @Engagement Zone

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A virtual event experience needs to fulfil 3 criterias – Engagement, Excitement, & Entertainment

– Neeraj (CEO & Founder – Taggbox)

Explore how Jaipur Literature festival (JLF), the world’s most prestigious literary festival took the virtual route for their otherwise live event during these unprecedented times of pandemic.  

An interesting case study about Taggbox social wall played an “engagig & exciting” role in the success of JLF’s virtual 10+ days long festival to bring together prominent speakers, journalists, authors, millions of people, and many famous personalities virtually.

JLF – “The Greatest Literary Festival On Earth”

Jaipur Literature festival is regarded as the “greatest and most popular literary festival on earth” that features Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer, Man Booker, JCB, Commonwealth, Sahitya Akademi, and other awardees on one stage “to champion the freedom to express and engage in thoughtful debate & dialogue”.

About JLF

Now in 2021, Teamwork Arts presents the digital edition of Jaipur Literature festival – an event that sees thousands of live attendees every year. 

The virtual avatar of JLF event is spread over 10 days with sessions on AI, Technology, History, Politics, Music, Food, Literature, Democracy, Climate Change, Economics, Poetry, and multiple other domains by leading personalities from each domain.

The Challenge In 2021

Engaging an audience during a live event is comparatively easier as the environment, atmosphere and state of being present in the moment help you engage with the event. 

But that is not the case with virtual events. And this was the challenge for the JLF team. 

To create a virtual event that can bring the same environment and experiences like the live JLF. 

Teamwork Arts in collaboration with Dreamcast Global built the real-like experience of Jaipur Literature festival with a 3D virtual platform of Diggi Palace (venue where it takes place every year) featuring Taggbox display wall in the JLF virtual experience. 

Taggbox’s social wall was integrated into the JLF virtual experience in a unique way to attract and engage audiences.

The Taggbox Engagement Zone @JLF

Audience engagement is the most important goal to make any event successful and impactful. 

Since thousands of people will be joining the festival virtually from the comfort of their couch, it is crucial to provide exciting engagement opportunities to the audience. 

The JLF virtual event experience has an “Engagement Zone” featuring Taggbox social wall. 

The social media wall collected all the latest posts from different social media platforms with JLF hashtags. The live hashtag feed was then displayed in the Engagement zone. 

This helped in making the event more connected, interactive, and engaging among audiences. Also, audiences could engage with the speakers and performers. 

Social wall engagement zone also gives the audience a podium to drive conversation, share their ideas, opinions, feedback, and more, boosting engagement to new levels. 

Calling Taggbox social wall – an “Engagement Zone” itself provides a social proof for the influence of social media wall in virtual events and how it increases engagement successfully in a digital environment.

How Taggbox Social Wall Boost Engagement In Virtual Events

Similar to Jaipur Literature festival, you can also leverage the social wall for your virtual events to make it successful and counter the low engagement challenges.

There are numerous Taggbox Social wall opportunities for virtual events, online concerts, digital seminars, etc. Here are a few of the possibilities: 

  • Create an organic social media buzz for the event
  • Leverage valuable User-generated content to drive engagement
  • Build social proof and showcase authentic content to audience
  • Exciting, entertaining, and engaging solution make events interesting 
  • Drive user interactions, Q&A sessions, discussions, quizzes, and more
  • Display fresh, original, & unique content with real-time automatic updates
  • Track your social buzz and engagement metrics with detailed analytics
  • Seamlessly integrate social walls with your websites & other digital platforms 
  • Make your audience a part of your event just like the live events

Besides these, there are many more features and opportunities that you can explore by integrating the Taggbox social wall for your virtual event.

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